Help Out

Want to know how you can help us out? Well, there are many ways you can help, and we would certainly value your assistance. We aim to cover all of our costs ourselves through personal finances and advertising revenue from ads displayed here across our site and displayed in our vlogs. Sometimes money offers very little support as sometimes we need someone willing to work with us on sharing information about the local area we plan to visit. So if your willing to help out, please click below to found out how!

Research Assistance –

Planning our adventures is fun, but it does require a lot of effort and research. A lot of the time, it’s not so easy to find that unique location to set up camp, that breathtaking landscape to take photographs, that restaurant or dinner that sells the best food around. It’s why we would greatly appreciate any research assistance our viewers have to offer. One of our primary goals is to showcase how amazing Nova Scotia is, so why not promote what makes your little part of our province great!

Logistical Support –

Unlike doing the research, sorting out the logistics of these various adventures and outings can be very complicated. We need to consider how we will film, when and where we will film, along with any necessary dialogue or relevant historical/exciting facts. We also need to make sure the scheduling works for everyone involved as sometimes it might be better to visit & film at various locations at different times of day or week.  Help may also be necessary if special arrangements/reservations are needed or permit acquired.

Equipment Donations  –

Outside of assistance with research and logistics, we need the proper equipment. Although we purchase all of our equipment, there are things that we might not have thought of or are far outside our reach.  If you have gently used or wish to purchase new equipment or support gear to help us out, we would be very grateful. If you’re a business owner and want to sponsor us or have your product reviewed, please check below under Sponsorships.

Monetary Donations –